one man's trash

white bathing suit, tavik - $30
sunglasses, vintage - $7
boy brow, glossier - $12
bodysuit, american apparel - $20

thrifting & shopping second-hand has been my hobby for some time now after making a personal commitment to never shop fast fashion again, & it has completely changed my perspective on style & clothing.

i've been buying (& am still eyeing ^v^) quite a few pieces on depop recently. it's always so astounding to me how inexpensive shopping can be when you go for second-hand or vintage things, whether it's shopping at thrift stores or even curated shops on depop. 

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good stuff

i am typically not a huge advocate for perfume or scents because they feel too overwhelming to my senses & tend to be tested on animals ;__; this one is an exception. it is a very soft, almost baby-like, gentle scent. best of all, it's cruelty-free & doesn't contain alcohol. i love it so much i bought four bottles in fear of never finding it again. overkill?

all purpose balms are my jam! this one smells good & makes my lips really cute & glossy. i've also been patting it on my elbows as they have been so dry for some reason, & it has made a huge difference. the unfortunate side of this product is that though it is vegan, it contains petroleum jelly... but i am at a loss trying to find an effective natural balm that doesn't contain animal products in place of PJ. any suggestions? let me know in the comments.

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DIY cooling tea tree toner

for years, i religiously purchased & repurchased tea tree water, that toning spray from lush just about everyone seems to enjoy. it was my favorite way to refresh on hot & muggy summer days.
i'm just not with spending money on things like that anymore, especially when i can easily replicate quite a few of the products i used to buy. but live without, it i'd rather not.
here is a super quick, simple way to create a similar toner to tea tree water, for a fraction of the price. i have linked the exact products i use below for reference. i found them all at my local whole foods.

2 oz. alcohol-free witch hazel - here
~15 drops organic tea tree essential oil - here
~10 drops cold-pressed organic rosehip seed oil - here
2 oz.-size empty spray bottle - here

unscrew the spray nozzle from your bottle.
pour in the witch hazel until you reach the bottom of the bottle's neck.
add in your oils. shake well to incorporate.
always shake before using as the oils will separate from the witch hazel. 

witch hazel is one of my favorite natural skincare ingredients, full of antioxidants & astringent properties that help fight acne & calm down oiliness. tea tree oil, a natural anti-microbial, supremely helps many people with acne including myself. i often dot it on pimples to dry them out & prevent any bacteria from spreading, & it definitely works. because it can be drying, i incorporated cold-pressed rosehip seed oil to add lightweight moisture for the skin while helping prevent signs of ageing, as well as healing acne & scars.

all in all, this toner helps prevent & treat acne & cut down the oiliness in your skin, a must as summer approaches, without drying out your complexion. it has a fresh herbal scent & will leave a lingering cool feeling on your skin. i spent a little under $30 to get all the supplies i needed & got around 5-6 bottles of spray this way - which would cost you around $50-60 at lush. best part of all is i know exactly what is going into it! no weird ingredients or fillers.

let me know if you try this out for yourself & how you liked it.

talk to you soon xx
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